Goin’ Up, On a Tuesday: Flight at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore


There are some things when visiting a city that you just do; even if it means spending an insane amount of money on just one cocktail. Everyone knows I have an affinity for rooftop bars, you can just read my other blog posts. So, when in Rome… or Singapore as the case may be, you go to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, you ride that elevator all the way to the top, you go to Flight Bar and Lounge and you order that Singapore Sling. Money will always come back, time and experiences will not!

Donning the one ‘fancy’ dress we had thrown in the backpack for our month long tour of Asia, we choose the food court in the mall attached to the Marina Bay Sands for dinner in order to balance out the budget for what we were about to blow on cocktails. For about 8 USD I had a delicious Indian vegetarian feast, which I couldn’t possibly finish. Anna opted for Chinese duck, which was weird, but she loved it. Anna always likes to order duck anytime it’s on the menu, and when in Asia, I like to stick to vegetarian. After our food court adventure, we moved on to what we came for. The Marina Bay Sands is a beautiful maze. Even sober we managed to get on the wrong elevator twice. We discovered that there are three tower elevators. You want to take the first Tower One elevator from the main lobby entrance, straight up to the 57th floor. The rooftop in itself is a wonder with three restaurants, a bar, a club lounge and the infamous infinity pool whose entrance is more guarded than Fort Knox. You can only enter the pool by use of a room key to prove you are staying at the hotel. Flight Bar and Lounge is about as bougie as it gets. With incredible views of the skyline and comfy seating, it would have been the perfect place to watch the sunset, if we were ever on-time for anything. However, just as beautiful is the backdrop of the city’s skyscrapers lit up against the night sky.

Now let’s get to the most important thing: the cocktails; specifically, the Singapore Sling. Flight’s Singapore Sling menu offers three options, the traditional one and two other variations.  The bartender provided an explanation for the Sky Sling and the Straights Sing, which were created by Flight’s own mixologist. Daring to be different, I elected to take one for the team and order the Sky Sling. Anna kept tradition alive and choose the original cocktail, for proper comparison. While both options were quite delicious, I was happy with my choice of the modern version of the classic. If Gin is not your thing, the bar menu includes a variety of other creative cocktails, an extensive wine list and every high-end liquor available. Food and snacks are also available at Flight, but we couldn’t justify spending an hour’s worth of work on a couple of appetizers. That’s only appropriate for alcohol!

Of course, pictures are absolutely necessary atop the Marina Bay Sands. The bar manager Michael is a master at capturing the best angles and lighting for your photos and he is a really nice guy as well. He spends several minutes with each group of guests to ensure their complete satisfaction and to help them take the best “no filter needed” photos! Before we knew it, those little black checkbooks came all too quickly and in the end we each spent about 30 USD inclusive of tax and tip. 7% GST and 10% service charge are automatically included on all checks. Vowing that it was our vacation splurge, little did we know we would return two evenings later. The rest of our group arrived in Singapore wanting to enjoy the same experience, but that, my friend, is what American Express cards are for.

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Flight Bar and Lounge at the Marina Bay Sands: Sands Sky Park, Tower 1, Level 57, Singapore +65 6688 9977 www.marinabaysands.com/entertainment/nightlife/rooftop-bars/flight.html Say hi to Michael O’Shea, Bar Manager, IG: @flightofoshea

~By:  Amanda

Goin’ Up, On a Tuesday: Rock and Reilly’s NYC

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If you have read any of my past posts, you already know I think a rooftop or high-rise bar is everything. While typically more pricey than an Irish pub happy hour down the street, there is something to be said about seeing the city from several stories up. From this height, all the crazy and mess melts away and you only see the beauty of the sprawling metropolis. Six stories off the Manhattan streets, Rock and Reilly’s is a great place to meet your friends and enjoy the view before starting your night out in NYC.


Looking to escape the crowd near Penn Station, I stumbled upon this gem hidden in the Renaissance Hotel on West 35th St. With indoor seating and an outdoor patio, this place is jumping around 5-6 pm as the after-work crowd pours out of the their cubicles, seeking coping mechanisms from their jobs. Rock and Reilly’s amazing wine list includes a French Rosé and an Italian Persecco, which are superbly  refreshing for those summer evenings on the patio. With an extensive whiskey list, several beers on tap and creative cocktail list there is something for every type of drinker. While tequila is a poison that I typically enjoy, I suggest avoiding the tequila cocktail on their signature menu, because it tastes like a hospital smells. I wish I could remember the name, but some things you want to forget, like bad sex.

Lets talk about food, because that is truly the way to everyone’s heart! Well, after alcohol. A pivotal reason why I return here so frequently is for the Wee Burgers; maybe order two plates, because they are topped with bacon and cheese. The beef used on these sliders is sensational. I actually personally know the individual who sells the beef to the chef at Rock and Reilly’s and this man knows his meat. Other menu favs include Blistered Shishito Peppers (which taste just like Spain), and Irish Nachos.

Soooo, sneak out of work early and join me for a cocktail…..and Wee Burgers!

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Rock and Reilly’s:  218 West 35th Street New York, NY 10001 +1 646 850 2850 www.rockandreillys.com
By: Amanda

Goin’ Up, On a Tuesday: Rooftop Athens, Greece


Watching the sunset over a beautiful city such as Athens is the perfect way to finish a day. A rooftop bar with delicious cocktails is an amazing way to enhance any sunset. The Galaxy Bar and Lounge on the rooftop of the Hilton Athens holds one of the best vantage points in the city and is a wonderful place to start your evening. With direct views of the Acropolis, the very long curved open terrace runs the entire length of the hotel. Before heading down to the Plaka for a Greek dinner feast, make sure to meet your friends at the Hilton Galaxy Rooftop bar for pre-dinner drinks.  

My favorite drink is the Champagne Supernova, which is champagne with vanilla vodka infused with lychee and rose flavor. The drink menu offers a diverse selection of drinks, including an entire page dedicated to the magic known as the Gin and Tonic! While definitely  on the pricy side, the stunning sunset views are worth it, so stay for one cocktail at least and take some very Instagram  worthy pictures. The cocktails are also inclusive of complimentary bar snacks, and I love bar snacks!!! If you are truly sticking to a budget, beer is a reasonable choice. 

YOLO, so you might as well spend a couple extra dollars and see a glorious sunset over the Acropolis.

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~By:  Amanda