Goin’ up, On a Tuesday: Gordon’s Wine Bar, London

The perfect combination, wine and cheese, are nectars of the gods. I can’t even remember how I learned about Gordon’s Wine BAR. Several years ago I enjoyed a glass of wine on the patio with friends. Fast forward to this year, I remembered Gordon’s Wine BAR when meeting up with a friend who shares my passion for refreshing white wines.


Gordon’s Wine Bar is located just off the Embankment stop on the Tube and is the oldest wine bar in London. Located in the basement, you step down into a grotto style establishment, detailed with an original wine cage, antiquated wood and candlelight. The bar is located in the back and there is an amazing variety of whites, reds, roses, ports, bubbles, basically if its made from fermented grapes, you will find it at Gordon’s. Stepping outside the box we grabbed a Hungarian Savingon Blanc, which the bartender highly recommended. Now comes the other important decision of the night: which cheeses are going to make the best dinner ever. You can purchase a plate of 1, 2 or 3 cheeses and you need the three cheese plate, because there are so many amazing options. Our hands-down favorite is the Taleggio from Italy. The cheese portions served are insanely large and accompanied by chunks of delicious bread.


A fair warning though, this bar is always crowded. The indoor seating never seems to be enough, so it is recommended you arrive by 4 pm to guarantee a seat inside. There is additional seating on the patio sidewalk which flanks up next to Victoria Embankment Gardens. Typically one can find a seat outside quite quickly or a spot at one of the standing barrels. Heat lamps hang over head and keep you warm in the chilly months, but after a bottle you wont feel the cold anyways and after two you wont care about anything…. Needless to say, we returned three days later to order the exact same thing.


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Gordon’s Wine Bar: 47 Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NE +44 207 930 1408 www.gordonswinebar.com

~By: Amanda

Throw back Thursday: Canal Tour, London

Looking for something different in London and optimizing on our love for boats, Anna and I found The London Waterbus Co, operating a canal tour of London. With pick up points in Little Venice, the London Zoo and Camden Town, the 50 minute long tour provided a unique prospective on the history of London for 8£ one-way or 12.50£ return. Tickets are purchased on-board and require no reservation. Times of operation change seasonally and can be found on the company’s website.

We always need “provisions,” so we filled a couple of water bottles with sparkling wine for our own trip enhancement. The covered boats are historical narrow boats, which are designed for the shallow depth of the canals. Commentary discussing the history of the canals and locks of London was provided by our very witty tour guide.

We selected to start from Little Venice and disembark in Camden Town for an opportunity to explore the quirky northwest London borough.
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The London Waterbus Co: 32 Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AL +44 020 7482 2550 http://www.londonwaterbus.com

~By:  Amanda


Weekend Getaway to London! 🇬🇧

~By:  Anna

 I travel to the UK on a regular basis and I thoroughly enjoyed another wonderful little trip to London this weekend! Expect lots of London updates on places to go and things to do in future. Lately I have been prioritizing seeing more theatre performances, both at home in New York and in other cities. The Today Tix app works very well for me, because it’s extremely rare that I can plan my schedule far enough in advance to buy tickets more than a day or two out. They have a daily lottery for many popular performances and also offer a really competitive rate. So during my flight into London (thanks to web access through GoGo wifi), I pulled up the Today Tix app to see what shows would be available, and I very excitedly came across The Railway Children, showing at Kings Cross Theatre for only £20. The Sat performance was at 4:30, perfect for a quick nap after I got settled at my hotel, and then plenty of time for dinner and drinks afterwards.
The Railway Children was a book written in 1906 by Edith Nesbit about 3 siblings whose father has unfortunate circumstances, so they are forced to downsize their life and move to the country near a railway station. The story is about all of the adventures and calamities that befall them playing near the railway. As I dearly loved the book as a child, I was thrilled to learn the book had been produced into a play. When I arrived, I quickly realized I was one of the few adults there who were not accompanied by children. However, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, had popcorn and cider, and I wish my nieces and nephews could have joined me. It’s a very heartwarming story and they use a real live old steam train to chug along the platform tracks, so absolutely perfect for families!
Afterwards I took the tube from Kings Cross station back to Kensington and met with friends for dinner. After many trips to London, I have become very adept at the metro system, keep an Oyster card current, and I even have the app Tube Map downloaded to my phone. We chose a Thai restaurant near Earls Court just off Hogarth Place called Siam Secret. I would happily go back again because of its authenticity, quality food and service. This coming from a girl who travels to Bangkok like other people travel to Vegas. We ordered the spring rolls and calamari for shared appetizers, and washed it down with imported Singha beer. I had the duck with sticky rice for my main entree and all I can say is that I scraped up every last spoonful of the tamarind sauce from my plate, because it was so delicious. My whole meal including drinks, tax and tip was £19.
The night being still young, a few of us decided to continue the night at a nearby speakeasy named Evans & Peel Detective Agency that one of my friends knew about. I absolutely love speakeasies, so I was very excited to discover a new one in London. He explained that their front is a detective agency, and you must formulate a good cover story as to why you need to enlist the help of a private eye in order to gain entrance. Along the way to the bar we earnestly concocted our story. Being such a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, I naturally used an amalgamation of various stories, particularly the Study in Scarlet. I chose to play Irene Adler opposite my friend, who was the King of Bavaria. We were escorted downstairs to a very small office library, with a desk and maps and dusty old books strewn about.
I was actually rather nervous, as the door keeper ‘detective’ rather questions your story seriously. Finally we were allowed in, and were led through a secret door into the establishment. Very old English, hunting room style, with green wall tapestry, landscape paintings and mounted antlers on the walls. Our table was actually an old Singer sewing machine stand, which I found quaint. Drinks are roughly £8-£14 apiece, and I chose to have a glass of Bruichladdich scotch from the Isle of Islay. I wanted to try something new I had never seen on a scotch menu before. I loved it; found it very light, almost fruity, and nicely lacking the heavy smokey peat flavor of most island scotch. (The 10 year “Laddie” retails for $76.42 on www.masterofmalt.com) Due to the speakeasy’s liquor license, they are required to serve food with the drinks, so you receive a nice complimentary china dish of popcorn as a table snack. Overall I was thrilled with the place and can’t wait to introduce Evans & Peele to all of my friends!
The next morning I went for breakfast at an old favorite, a restaurant called Balans Soho Society, on Kensington High Street. Balans is great anytime of day, for either dinner, or brunch, or just drinks on a date. Rather quirky and different, having secretive key cards for members to earn points, and interesting candelabra decor. Their full English breakfast with bacon and sausage is excellent and only £10. I feel very comfortable going in with my book for company and enjoying a leisurely cup of tea. After a filling breakfast, I continued on down High Street towards the Royal Albert Hall, a famous concert venue.
On a later trip I plan to do a guided grand tour inside of the Hall, definitely save that for a rainy day. Then I continued my stroll across the street to Hyde Park, through Queens Gate on the south side, and found a comfortable spot under a large oak tree for reading. Rain came soon though, so I packed up and headed back toward my hotel, since I had to be at the airport soon. Another lovely weekend in London came to an end, but I will be back very soon! Thanks to everyone who followed my snapchat story that day, and please check out the Instagram pics!
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Entertainment & Culture:
The Railway Children, Kings Cross Theatre, Goods Way, London, N1C 4UR www.kingscrosstheatre.com
booked via: TodayTix app
Restaurants & Bars:
 – Siam Secret, 5 Hogarth Road, London SW5 0QH, www.siamsecret.co.uk +44(20)73704371
Balans Soho Society, 187 Kensington High Street, London W8 6SH www.balans.co.uk  +44(20)73760115
Evans & Peel Detective Agency, 310C Earl’s Court Road, London SW5, www.evansandpeel.com, +44(02)73733573