Julie was born in Tennessee, but didn’t stay long; which would end up being a life long trend. Moving all over Texas, by age 10 she  was living in Costa Rica while her parents learned Spanish. At 12, the family moved to Chile and still to this day Julie’s heart beats for Chile.  Julie moved back to the U.S. eventually and honestly she has lost count how many times she moved since. Julie has been homeless twice and it’s obvious that nomadic blood runs through her veins. Her mailbox and car are in LA (for now) but you won’t find her there often. She couldn’t live without her passport. You can usually find Julie dancing on a beach with no shoes or at a tattoo shop getting matching tattoos with a new friend in a random country. Her music library has a playlist for every single occasion and time of day; if she likes you she will make you one too. Julie has been to well over 50 countries so far and has zero intention of stopping any time soon.

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