Who is Way Too Wanderlust?

Way Too Wanderlust is created by a trio of girls who met in 2008, each of us with an unquenchable passion for travel and new adventures! Our first big trip together was 5 days spent in Paris in the summer of 2011 and we’ve never stopped since. People usually refer to us as “those girls who never work.” We find ourselves constantly being asked for travel advice, and we are always happy to recommend places to go, where to stay and things to do. We’ve even helped plan honeymoons and family getaways for our friends. Often we’ll be on a plane or in a restaurant or hostel, and we find ourselves repeating the same information over and over, jotting down tips on cocktail napkins for our fellow travelers. So we finally decided to put together a website where we can share all of our travel tips with everyone that we know, based on all of our various travel experiences. This website has been a dream in the making for a long time! We are thrilled to join the online travel community and recount our own incredible adventures.

Meet the girls behind the name

Meet Anna:

Anna Profile PicIG: annayael

Meet Amanda:

IG: aldavi6

Blue grass born and raised, I am a wildcat from Kentucky!

Meet Julie:

IMG_0292IG: juliekristine

I was born in the unlikely state of Tennessee with a sense of wanderlust from day one. I’ve lived all over Texas and moved to Costa Rica at a young age. When I was 12 we moved to Northern Chile where I was raised until I was 18 years old. I always say I might be North American but my heart is Chilean through and through. I’ve moved well over 40 times and currently am an active couch surfer looking for the next flight to anywhere with a beach.

Random facts:
*I travel with a miniature dinosaur named Lennie that I never leave home without. *Without a doubt I could eat Mexican food every day for every single meal and never get sick of it.
*I have a Fiat 500 Sport in Los Angeles that is named Sophia and she is the best purchase I’ve ever made (besides my giant pink flamingo named Canoe Reeves).