Who is Way Too Wanderlust?


Way Too Wanderlust is a group of girls who became friends through our love of travel and wine. The three of us have been friends for over eight years and well over 60 countries between us. Read the story of our first trip: Paris Beginnings




A former southern belle, Amanda is a wildcat, born and raised in Kentucky. She officially started exploring the world about 10 years ago; however as a child, would stare at maps circling favorite places. Amanda holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising, but quickly learned that the 9-5 life was not intended for her. Amanda’s love for running and drinking (preferably at the same time) is an understatement. Mentally about 12, but physically a bit older…..she never thought she would be a writer, as her grades in English at University were only fair. Feedback from a professor once included, “Your content is great; but your grammar is atrocious!” (She can’t spell either). Amanda feels though, when she sits down with her laptop, travel pours out faster than a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Amanda wants these adventures to inspire people to make them their own.



Anna spent her first 15 years being raised throughout the state of Kentucky before  finally moving to Ross, Ohio in high school. Anna earned a 4-year degree in both Creative Writing and History from Miami University. English and history were always her favorite subjects and she dreamed of being a famous author and seeing her name in print some day. Eventually, Anna decided to give up HR work in Cincinnati and move to New York to pursue her dream job, to see the world. Anna’s parents took her on a tour of ten different countries around Europe when she was only 3 years old, and one of her earliest, most vivid memories is standing in the rain watching the Changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham Palace. On Anna’s first solo international trip at 25, she went straight back to London and to see the same thing; finding it every bit as memorable as it was the first time twenty-two years earlier. Anna keeps finding new places to fall in love with, to see and explore; the journey never ends but sometimes it comes full circle.



Julie was born in Tennessee, but didn’t stay long; which would end up being a life long trend. Moving all over Texas, by age 10 she  was living in Costa Rica while her parents learned Spanish. At 12, the family moved to Chile and still to this day Julie’s heart beats for Chile.  Julie moved back to the U.S. eventually and honestly she has lost count how many times she moved since. Julie has been homeless twice and it’s obvious that nomadic blood runs through her veins. Her mailbox and car are in LA (for now) but you won’t find her there often. She couldn’t live without her passport. You can usually find Julie dancing on a beach with no shoes or at a tattoo shop getting matching tattoos with a new friend in a random country. Her music library has a playlist for every single occasion and time of day; if she likes you she will make you one too. Julie has been to well over 50 countries so far and has zero intention of stopping any time soon.



Meet our guest bloggers!


Damir and traveling has been a way of life since the beginning! He is originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and was born at the beginning of the Yugoslavian civil war causing his family to move to Stuttgart, Germany at age 1. After spending seven years in Germany and finishing first grade, his family moved to the USA. Damir currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He continues to travel all over the world whenever he gets a chance to learn about cultures and other ways of life!




Marco is one of our guest bloggers for W2W. Marco is an international flight attendant based in the United Kingdom. While originally from the Netherlands he has studied in Denmark and graduated in China. Marco has an interest in anything new and thrives in diverse cultures, environments and social settings. He believes there is so much to discover that staying in one place is not an option. His ongoing curiosity is key to his wanderlust, always asking himself, what is around the corner?  Check him out on Instagram: Marcookunst