Goin’ Up, On a Tuesday: Los Incas, Lima

One of the first things we do when arriving in a new city is check-in on Facebook. I know this sounds silly and I definitely believe there is much more to life than social media, but Facebook always has so many random ways of helping. Many times I have found friends in the same city, allowing us to meet for dinner or drinks. Here is also where the recommendations begin to pour in; after our check-in at Lima Peru, the obvious suggestion was go to Pizza Street!


After an afternoon of pisco sours and massages, we were starving and in desperate need of more pisco (one can never have too much, hmm ok you can, they are sneaky). As luck would have it, Pizza Street was about a 3 minute walk from our hostel in the Mira Flores district of Lima. The street is lined with your typical tourist restaurants, hosts holding menus enticing you with free drinks and the “best food in town.” This was not our first rodeo and I typically have a good eye for which restaurant will serve slop attempting to pass as edible cuisine. Towards the end of the street, we found Los Incas, which didn’t have the standard tourist trap appearance and promised a free pisco sour, #winning!

We surveyed the menu and immediately found ten items which made our mouths water and stomachs growl. We decided to share three plates so we could have a sampling of all the tempting choices. A man at a neighboring table suggested Causa which is a traditional Peruvian dish of chicken salad, avocado and potato. He also informed us that we had chosen the best restaurant on the street and this was his third time dining here this week. He explained many of the establishments on the other side of the street shared a kitchen and therefore churned out the same ‘tourist slop.’ So our choices were set: Lomo Saltado, Causa and a salad, in an attempt to pretend we are healthy.

Each meal was delicious and we kept sneaking extra bites even after our tummies were full. With an extra pisco sour we closed out our night. Our bill did take quite a few minutes to acquire, however this is South America and they live by their own set of rules regarding time. Apparently Pizza Street becomes quite the party after the dinner rush, however with an 8 am flight looming the next morning, we decided to go to sleep early. Even though we wish we could have stayed to play, we had many adventures awaiting us in Cusco.

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Los Incas: Calle San Ramon 228, Lima Peru

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