Goin Up, On a Tuesday: King’s Carriage House, New York

There are two sides to me: the boogie little princess and the tomboy who can rough it with the best of them. For my birthday last year I choose the princess route and wanted an afternoon tea with champagne. Untapped Cities has an amazing list of the 27 Best Afternoon Tea’s in New York, which range from super pricey to baller on a budget. Of course the Palm Court at the Plaza or the Russian Tea Room would make the birthday of a lifetime. However, for the price of tea accompanied by one glass of Champagne at the Palm Court, I could have unlimited champagne elsewhere. After combing through the various choices, The King’s Carriage House on the Upper East side was the best option considering menu and budget.

So, I booked a spot in the cozy private room at the King’s Carriage House for me and my 15 best friends. The enticing menu included all the classic sandwiches such as watercress, cucumber and salmon. These were accompanied by traditional scones and an array of other sweets. In th end, they had me at chocolate dipped strawberries. Although not listed on the website, you can purchase unlimited drink packages for two hours to compliment your tea service with a private room booking. After befriending the amazing Irish owner, he allowed us to include champagne with the unlimited beer and wine package. So for $45 a person we had a delightful spread of tea, snacks and bubbles. The owner left us worried he was going to lose money from this particular booking.

Upon arrival we stepped into an Ireland country home, the little room was set with the proper afternoon tea decor. The walls were lined with flowery antique wallpaper and the table was set with fresh flowers and what would be considered “Sunday china” here in America. The service as impeccable and our glasses were never empty. I could probably eat my weight in the goat cheese and tomato sandwiches and wish I had a plate of them now!

I could not have asked for a better Afternoon Tea. We decided later that somehow this day had became everyone’s birthday, because we partied that way. Afterwards we crawled up 2nd Ave with a suitcase full of champagne (don’t ask) in search of a more bars to continue the evening! We bar hopped ordered drinks and appetizers, because no matter where you go, afternoon tea snacks are never intended to be a filling meal.

We later stopped by Stumble Inn, as that is just where you go if you are on the Upper East Side. I ended the night hours later, breaking up my birthday crown ‘Mean Girls’ style, throwing pieces at my friends, because I was so lucky to share my birthday with them.

~By: Amanda

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King’s Carriage House:  250 East 82nd Street, New York NY 10021 +1 212 734 5490 http://www.kingscarriagehouse.com

Stumble Inn: 1454 2nd Avenue, New York NY 10021 +1 212 650 5061 http://www.nycbestbar.com/stumble


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