Honestly, the enticement is in the name alone, but that alone would make for a boring blog. Here’s our top favorite things about Vana Nava and few things you should know. Put eleven best friends in a water jungle with pre paid bracelets for food and alcohol and you’ve got a full day of great success. I must confess that somewhere over the last decade I lost my love for roller coasters and thrill rides, however give me a lazy river with a pool bar with my favorite people and I’m in. Vana Nava has a rope course, wave runner, splash park and wave pool; there is absolutely something for everyone. Here is what you need to know:

1. Don’t think for one second that i wasn’t tricked into going down one of the scariest tube rides of my life.

2. Absolutely invest in the locker. It costs extra, but you have free continuous access and you not only want to be hands free for the rides, but you have to be.

3. Which brings me to number 3. They are actually pretty strict about being hands free so hide your sunglasses, go pros and just about anything else loose. I was absolutely jealous of boys with cargo boy shorts. (We need pockets in our bikinis!)

4. Drinks always cost more at any theme park, but I believe the prices weren’t unreasonable considering the location.

5.  If you’re a drinker… know there are hours where you can’t drink. If you’ve been to Thailand then you already know that time falls in the middle of the day. Properly prepare yourself and remember in #2 where I mentioned unlimited in and out locker privileges. Do what you want with that information.

6. There are frequent customer cards and group rates which of course gets you a cheaper rate. But as travelers we just had a one time entry fee of 28 USD plus towel and locker fees. Absolutely worth the day.

Click see our day at the water park!

We had a lovely day of celebrating our friends birthday. The lines where short, the rides were exhilarating, even the food court was tasty. We not only recommend it but we would all go back in a heart beat!

~By: Julie


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