Goin’ Up, On a Tuesday: Rock and Reilly’s NYC

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If you have read any of my past posts, you already know I think a rooftop or high-rise bar is everything. While typically more pricey than an Irish pub happy hour down the street, there is something to be said about seeing the city from several stories up. From this height, all the crazy and mess melts away and you only see the beauty of the sprawling metropolis. Six stories off the Manhattan streets, Rock and Reilly’s is a great place to meet your friends and enjoy the view before starting your night out in NYC.


Looking to escape the crowd near Penn Station, I stumbled upon this gem hidden in the Renaissance Hotel on West 35th St. With indoor seating and an outdoor patio, this place is jumping around 5-6 pm as the after-work crowd pours out of the their cubicles, seeking coping mechanisms from their jobs. Rock and Reilly’s amazing wine list includes a French Rosé and an Italian Persecco, which are superbly  refreshing for those summer evenings on the patio. With an extensive whiskey list, several beers on tap and creative cocktail list there is something for every type of drinker. While tequila is a poison that I typically enjoy, I suggest avoiding the tequila cocktail on their signature menu, because it tastes like a hospital smells. I wish I could remember the name, but some things you want to forget, like bad sex.

Lets talk about food, because that is truly the way to everyone’s heart! Well, after alcohol. A pivotal reason why I return here so frequently is for the Wee Burgers; maybe order two plates, because they are topped with bacon and cheese. The beef used on these sliders is sensational. I actually personally know the individual who sells the beef to the chef at Rock and Reilly’s and this man knows his meat. Other menu favs include Blistered Shishito Peppers (which taste just like Spain), and Irish Nachos.

Soooo, sneak out of work early and join me for a cocktail…..and Wee Burgers!

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Rock and Reilly’s:  218 West 35th Street New York, NY 10001 +1 646 850 2850 www.rockandreillys.com
By: Amanda

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