Goin’ up, On a Tuesday: Poco Loco, Amsterdam Netherlands

As luck would have it, our favorite fondue restaurant in Amsterdam was full…no reservation on a Saturday night, epic fail on us.

After wandering around the Nieuwmakrt Square  we stumbled upon Poco Loco a Tapas bar. This cafe- restaurant has outdoor seating on the patio and cozy indoor seating; Poco Loco also provides both Dutch and English menu descriptions. After consulting the  menu we decided on the Royal Tapas selection, which is 7 different sharable tapas chosen by the chef. The staff has graciously in the has past accommodated food allergens, including seafood! Typically we order 1-2 other tapas as a supplement, especially those including the disription of cheese. To finish you dinner try the champagne and lemon sorbet which is disguised as a dessert…NO it’s a cocktail and party starter. This drink will even flip that whiny friend trying to go home!

Each trip to Amsterdam has brought us back to Polo Loco this summer, the food has always been amazing. I would list specific tapas recommendations, but anything on the menu is worth a go. They also have a wonderful selection of wines, cocktails and beers. Poco Loco has a resident house cat, who shows up always about the time dinner is served. He has a funny Dutch name, which I couldn’t pronounce if I tried. For a low key and delicious dinner this is the spot in Nieuwmakrt!

Way too Wanderlust Reccomends

Poco Loco: Nieuwmakrt 24, 1012 CR Amsterdam, Netherlands

~By: Amanda

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