Goin’ Up, On a Tuesday: Bangkok Edition, Khaosan Central 

If you are backpacker, enjoy a ratchet circus or want the most authentic Thai food you can order at 1 am, then Khao San Central is the place for you. Nicknamed the  “Merry Christmas Bar” because usually they forget to take down their Christmas decorations before April. Our group has a tradition of always spending our inaugural night in Bangkok here, with cold Chang towers and spring rolls to get the party started. Boasting one of the best DJs on Khao San Road, the open patio is the best place to take in the sights and plan the rest of your night

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  • Khao San Central Bar, Khao San road, Bangkok
    I don’t have a website or phone number, because I don’t they exist. Just look for the Khao San Central signs out half way down the road, across from 7-11.

~By:  Amanda

This photo is blurry for a reason!

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