Baller on a Budget: “Help me, I’m Poor”

~By:  Amanda

We wish we could afford a fancy hotel, however we know how to find a fancy hotel and use it to our advantage or basically profit from their pool. This usually only works with small groups 2-4 max, as to not attract too much attention. So sorry for the guys, this trick is easier for those of us with assets in the chest region.

Looking that part is key, wear your new bathing suit, the one without beer stains and a proper cover up. Take off the backpacker bracelets and maybe add some mascara for effect. Walk in the front door like a boss, you stay here, right? Stroll in like you have a room and veer off in that direction. Never make a beeline to the pool or come in off the beach, the staff will target you right away. Be causal, but scope out the area, pretend as you just checked in, find the best spot with the least amount of possible staff interaction. Julie and I are currently sitting at the adult pool at the Marriott in Hua Hin Thailand, our guesthouse pool is a cement hole, this one as has water slides! We choose this particular spot as the lounge chairs already had towels neatly laid out and not a staff member to be seen. The word to use here is stealth, we belong here, yes?

Karma can bite you in the butt or almost….on our tour of the grounds to find that ideal location, a snake fell from a tree just 2 feet ahead of where I was walking and slithered into the children’s pool. This is terrifying, because if the Marriott is not safe, nothing really is.

I usually buy one drink at the pool bar, this will give you a bit of street cred with the pool staff. After that refill with pre-mixes you packed in a water bottle. Fun and clean day, just watch out for the old men with  beards and boobs! Word to the wise, if questioned get up and leave, don’t buy anything with out paying for it, we all know how Broke Down Palace ends…

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Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa: 107/1 Phetkasem Road, Hua Hin 77110 Thailand +66 32 904 666


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