And on Tuesdays we drink wine… 

Hollywood Blvd and Vine
If I had to choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life, it would be wine and cheese. Their collective scarcity is probably the only reason I couldn’t move to Southeast  Asia full time.

The first time I came to Wood and Vine was with my best friend. It was a little crowded and I spotted a little section upstairs that was quiet and I guess less desirable than the adorable cafe-lit patio. Personally, I like privacy, such that gossip goes undetected. We got the center table in front of a large window on the second floor, and we all know people-watching on Hollywood Blvd is unrivaled. Theatre lights and posters advertise the calendar’s highlights, and you kind of get a New York Vibe. We ordered the charcuterie platter and a bottle of red wine.
The staff has always been absolutely perfect. I think every time I’m there, we have at least 3 people waiting on us with smiles and casual personalities that make us feel like we’re old friends. I’ve had the charcuterie platter three times, and though the cheeses and meats rotate frequently, I’ve never once been disappointed. The staff informed me of every offering, so I could write it down for later when I host my own wine and cheese parties. The food is always top notch.
Wood and Vine’s decor gives the feel of old school New York City with Edison bulbs and black and white checkered floors. They have impeccable drink selections. On the twinkle-lit patio, they project old movies on the blank wall ahead. The upstairs seating area boasts board games and couches, and the vibe is familial.
I pretty much survive on wine and cheese, and it’s always so satisfying that I’ve never been able to take advantage of the full menu. My friends have ordered the fries and I’ve definitely sampled them and one of these days I promise I am going to go back and order something besides my go-to order, but why change perfection?
Wood and Vine is a great little secret to let you forget you’re in the hustle and bustle of a tourist trap. It’s a cozy place for a good date and such a fun place for catching up on gossip with the girls.

~By: Julie

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