When you don’t have $5,000 to spend on a plane ticket

~By:  Amanda

Spending almost 12 hours cramped into 41B from Portland to Tokyo can drive anyone to near insanity. Even at 5’3” I still feel miserable in those little economy seats, never mind someone who is not vertically challenged. This is our list of essentials for making those long-haul flights in peasant class more tolerable….

  1. Noise cancellation headset:  Screaming baby, overheard gossip from the flight attendant galley, jet engine noise, a noise cancellation headset is an investment in sanity. Not only blocking those annoying sounds reverberating thru that metal tube; they will also improve the sound quality your movie, because you needed to watch the Hunger Games again. Another added bonus is blocking out that snoring neighbor, who sounds like a dying walrus, in your hostel bunk. One does not need to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a high quality headset; we suggest Bose and Audio Tech, both have models available on http://www.amazon.com for under $125.

  2. Comfy neck pillow:  A neck pillow can make sleeping in any economy seat an actual possibility. With variety of options available, I prefer the memory foam version, as it provides unsurpassed neck stabilization. In addition, pack a cozy fleece travel blanket, I have dragged mine all over the world and back.

  3. Distractions: Pre-charge everything, insure your cell phone battery is 100 percent before boarding. Before departing fully charge your iPad, laptop, kindle, I don’t know you like….Many airlines still don’t provide individual video or power outlets at every seat.  Plan ahead, download extra books on your kindle, buy some magazines at the airport, add some new songs to your Spotify playlist or bring a Cinderella coloring book, whatever will keep you entertained! An external battery will keep your devices charged on longer flights and will also save your life on so many occasions. Go back to amazon.com for this too.

  4. Flip flops and warm socks: Typically airplanes are super cold, temperatures outside that thin sheet of metal average negative fifty. So a nice thick pair of socks will do wonders keeping your body temp content and nobody likes bare feet in public. Fun fact….never take a trip to an airplane lavatory in your socks. It’s disgusting, there are probably six strains of hepatitis lurking on that floor, I will judge you.  On long haul flights flip flops are so much easier than putting your shoes on every time. I tuck both items into a shoe bag before throwing them into my carry on.

  5. Drinks: Wine, beer, tequila, pick your poison… this should actually be the number one suggestion.

  6. Games:  If you are traveling with a friend bring cards and other mini games, the hours will fly by. Loser buys the next round…

  7. H2O:  Bring a bottle to fill after security or buy the biggest bottle you can find in the airport, especially for flights over five hours. Nothing feels or looks worse than landing dehydrated and swollen.

  8. Eye-mask: Do I really need to explain this one?

  9. Snacks: If you aren’t feeling the chicken tumors served on today’s flight, have a back up plan. I highly recommend high protein beef jerky and trail mix.  We bring fancy cheese and crackers to drink with wine.

  10. WiFi:  If the airline offers it why not, sometimes expensive, but worth it. Frequent fliers, consider the monthly plan, much more cost efficient than purchasing by flight segment. How else are you gonna snap chat.



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